State Farm Youth Advisory Board: Primates Podcasts & Preservation

With primates and podcasts, youth will creatively use multimedia technology and other methods to raise awareness (locally and globally) about the fragility of rainforest ecosystems. A focus on the plight of flagship primate species will connect people to the problem of deforestation and foster an understanding of the importance of rainforest preservation and environmental responsibility. Students will create podcasts and a permanent educational exhibit at a wildlife park, conduct school-based presentations, and host a community conservation festival to deliver their environmental messages and calls to action.

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The proposed project will increase local and global awareness of biodiversity and ecosystem conservation issues  through the use of engaging primate ‘ambassadors’ that assist youth in developing and delivering effective multimedia messages. However, increasing awareness is not sufficient so the podcast, lesson, and exhibit will focus on providing information about effective and practical solutions as well as ‘calls to action’ about how we can each be environmentally responsible. The use of mulitmedia tools as well as a permanent exhibit means youths’ messages will be far reaching, in time and space. For example, practical solutions will be identified (through student inquiry) to reduce our carbon footprint to benefit rainforests in particular and ecosystems in general. Each podcast will offer a different solution depending on what is most appropriate for each flagship species (e.g., don’t use products made with palm oil when considering Orangutans and their ecosystems).

This project is currently being conducted on the DuMond Conservancy facilities with the help of students at TERRA Environmental Institute.

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