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“…an entire generation of young primatologists received their basic training at Monkey Jungle.  The list of alumni is impressive.”

Douglas Candland, Ph.D.
Homer P. Rainey Professor of Psychology and Behavior
Bucknell University

Investigators who conducted research

John Baldwin University of California, Santa Barbara
John Cant University of Puerto Rico
Robert Cooper San Diego Zoological Society
Jess Deegan California State University, Bakersfield
Eduardo Fernandez-Duque University of Pennsylvania
Paul Garber University of Illinois
Steve Green University of Miami
William Hylander Duke University
Gerry Jacobs University of California, Santa Barbara
Kelly Lambert Randolph-Macon College
Alan Mazur University of California, Santa Barbara
Mike Rose New Jersey Medical School
Dan Schmitt Duke University
Bennett Shwartz Florida International University
Charles Snowdon University of Wisconsin
Ricardo Stanoss Brookfield Zoo
Melissa Stoller University of Chicago
David Strait Albany University
Jean Turnquist University of Puerto Rico
Paul Weldon Smithsonian Institute
Ann Zeller University of Waterloo

Students who conducted research for Doctor of Philosophy

Gary Aronson Yale University
Rosie Bolen University of Miami
Kelly Chichy University of Southern Illinois
Francisco Flores Peru University
Tara Harris Yale University
Stacey Tecot University of Texas
Joseph Thomas Florida International University
Christy Wolovich University of Miami

Students who conducted research for Master of Science

Molly Dodge University of Miami
Rene Ebersol New York University
Amy Harrison University of Colorado
Ella Konsca Florida International University
Jon Oetting University of Illinois
Heather Trevino Auburn University
Anthea Yanopolis Univeristy of Illinois

Students who received Undergraduate training and continued in Primatology or Academia

Who they are: Where they were: Where they are now:
Enrique Abordo Queens College
Bob Bailey Harvard University University of Chicago
Jesse Berring Florida Atlantic University Free-lance Author, frequent contributor to Scientific American
Evan Blumer Bucknell University Conservation work
Jessica Capri New College
Joyce Cohen DVM Cornell University Yerkes Primate Center
Melanie Colon Florida International University Texas A&M
Robert Deaner Colgate University Grand Valley State University
Alejandro Feged University of Los Andes Colombia Stanford
Roy Fontaine Bucknell University
Jeffery French Bucknell University University of Nebraska
Brehan Furfey Miami Dade College University of Alabama
Rodrigo Garcia Florida International University Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Marc Hauser Bucknell University
Mark Hench Bucknell University
James Herrera University of Miami State Universirt of New York, Stonybrook
Megan Hoffman Florida International University Assistant Professor at Piedmont College
Rose Hores Florida Atlantic University University of Southern Illinois
Jay Jefferson Florida International University University of California, Davis
Peter Judge Bucknell University Bucknell University
Sumir Keenan Florida International University Universite Jean Monne Saint-Etienne
Richard Lawler University of Illinois James Madisson University
Jerome Lee Bucknell University Albright
Olga Martin Florida International University
Paul Mason Bucknell University
Mireya Mayor University of Miami National Geographic
Russell Mittermeier Harvard University Conservation International
Michael Mumford Bucknell University Center for Applied Social Research
Marilyn Norconk San Diego State University Kent State University
Lisa Paciulli Monkey Jungle Staff/ Stonybrook University of West Georgia
Juan Pablo Perea Florida International University University of California, Riverside
Doug Pernikoff D.V.M.  University of Missouri Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary
David Powell University of Miami Wildlife Conservation Society
John Redmond Albany University Georgia Perimeter College
Kim Schneider Brown University
Pam Szatanek University of Arizona National Weather Service
Jared Taglialatela University of Virginia Kennesaw State University
Elizabeth Tapanes Florida International University Florida Atlantic University
Tamara Vodovov Colombia University University of California, Davis
Andrew Zamora Florida International University State University of New York, Stonybrook