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The Fuzzy’s

These Bolivian owl monkeys (Aotus azari boliviensis), noted for their dense fur, are retired from malaria research. Father, Mother and juvenile are enjoying extracting seeds from a pomegranate fruit. 





More Fuzzys










Warrior, Betsy, Peanut and Crunchy

Warrior (Aotus nancymaae) was found injured on the tracks of Miami’s Metro Rail. Brought to the Conservancy Warrior made a slow but steady recovery and was able to join other owl monkeys and even fathered several offspring.  He is seen here enjoying a monkey style tamale! 





Connie and Spruce

Connie and Spruce (Aotus nancymaae) enjoying night time enrichment. Spruce descends from a group of Conservancy monkeys the “went wild” after Hurricane Andrew  ravished the owl monkey forest. Connie is a retired laboratory primate, having been captured from the wilds of Peru, and then used for years in malaria research at NIH and the CDC. 

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