The goal of our adoption program is to provide an opportunity for contributors to familiarize themselves with the monkeys on an individual level. Your support enables us to better care for adopted monkeys, further develop our community education and behavioral research programs, and improve our facilities thereby making it possible to extend sanctuary to more primates in need. In return you can learn about the Conservancy's non-human inhabitants and feel a sense of personal responsibility for their care. When you adopt, you will receive: a color photo of your selected monkey, and a subscription to our newsletter. For adoptions over the one hundred dollar level you will also receive a guided tour of Monkey Jungle and the DuMond Conservancy with a primatologist. NEW: Now adopt online using a major credit card and PayPal. Simply click on the blue button next to the animal that you are interested in adopting. PayPal will make sure that the transaction is safe and secure, and the DuMond Conservancy will make sure that the requested materials are sent to you in a timely manner. Thanks again for your support.

Adopt An Owl Monkey

adopt an owl monkey!Night monkeys, also known as owl monkeys or Dourocoulis, are distributed throught South America and in to Central America.

The Night Monkey is unique as it is the only nocturnal monkey in the world. It is also one of only a few primate species which is strictly monogamous. Interestingly, in this relationship, it is the father which will carry the infant around for up to six months.

They have a beautiful pattern of colors on their faces, as well as brightly orange covered chest found in about half of the species.

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