Training and Volunteer Opportunities

The DuMond Conservancy provides specialized education programs in primatology and conservation for middle and high school students and a supplementary education program for developmentally challenged students. Volunteers and interns at the Conservancy play a vital role in the care and conservation of the owl monkeys and in conducting our educational programs.

Research opportunities and internships may be available for Pre-College, Undergraduate, and Graduate field work, using on-site facilities at Monkey Jungle. Research emphasizes behavioral studies of semi-free ranging populations of squirrel, capuchin, and java monkeys, but may also include other areas of interest. Projects that span broad aspects of primate biology, ecology and behavior are encouraged. Veterinary support is available as is access to a primate library. Financial support is rarely available.

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Middle and high school students or teachers interested in volunteering, interning, studying or developing programs with the DuMond Conservancy should make an inquiry to our Program Manager via email at

University students and investigators interested in research or formal education and training opportunities should make an inquiry directly to Dr. Sian Evans, Managing Director, via email at

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