DuMond Conservancy Presents “Eyes on the Earth” Festival, Tickets on Sale Now!


One of the most exciting discoveries in biodiversity occurred this past year when the elusive Lesula monkey was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This historic find, however, was impossible without the help of local people and without the use of sustainable logging practices, the home of this forest-dwelling monkey may be irrevocably destroyed.  The DuMond Conservancy will host a festival to celebrate the Earth and all the exciting discoveries it has to offer on Saturday, February 23, 2013 in a unique lush outdoor environment at Monkey Jungle.  Dr. Kate Detwiler, one of the members of the team that discovered the Lesula monkey, will be delivering the keynote address at the festival.

This youth led event will feature exciting performances by Momentum Dance Company and Brazilian dancers and drummers which will invite audience participation, music inspired by the environmental wonders of South Florida, a drama written by New World School of the Arts drama student, Kaithleen Conoepan, “Eyes on the Earth” depicting Citizen Science and the impact volunteers make in conservation, and an Eco Fashion Show will showcase the fashionable side of living sustainably. Family activities will include ways in which our community can participate in science directly and contribute directly to conservation. Ecological displays featuring sustainable lifestyle choices.  



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