DuMond Conservancy Educational Programs

The Conservancy proudly offers the following programs which enhances the educational oportunities available to students in our community at the university, high school, and middle school level.

  • Florida International University

    • Primate Biology – Upper division course in the Biology department which includes a lecture and a training in behavioral research techniques component hosted here at the Conservancy.
  • Middle and High School programs

    • Zoo Magnet (Richmond Heights Middle School) – The creative curriculum, especially designed for those students who have shown an aptitude for science, provides goal-oriented hands-on experience in studying the management and behavior of captive primates.
    • Honors and Executive Internships – A community based internship where students are paired with community professionals to gain experience in the subject they intend to study in college.
    • Program for Developmentally Challenged Youth – Students from Southridge High's exceptional students program visit the DuMond Conservancy each week to get job experience.
    • Motivating Girls in Science: Measuring Monkey Calls on Moonlit Nights – an educational program intended to encourage young girls from the community to pursue careers in science.

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